Sketch of a yacht, first part of designing a yacht

How do we Total Design?

The yacht designer cannot simply spread a style on a shape, giving rise to chrome parts and moldings, but must take care of the entire project cycle: initial concept, style, hull, propulsion, structures, interior design and systems.

Following the product, pushing to the maximum the evolution, up to the moment when the designer is ready to create something that will change the design history of the object.

The role of prima donna is lost. Like an orchestra conductor, the designer must – without losing creativity and technical skills competency – synthesize the experiences of different people specialized in individual sectors and come up with the final product.


A designer cannot have a unique style and must be aware of the fundamental requirements that every object has: the ability to satisfy the purchaser’s psychological need.

A yacht designer belongs to the industrial designer family and specializes in boats: it must satisfy the real needs of the industry and the nautical user.

We believe it is right to come up with the style that is best suited to the user for which the product is intended. We do not like the idea of ​​having easily recognizable Victory Design style, which is glued on like an indelible label.