Metaphor 68

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    Alen Yacht

This boat was fully conceived by Victory design and it’s the sum of the company experience who designed the hull the structures and took also care of the interior design and the boat shape. This is the type of job where Victory design gives It’s best.

The Metaphor 68 has various peculiar and unique features: first of all the hull, it’s peculiar proportions allows wider space compared to other boats of the same class.

The layout of the Metaphor 68 boast the innovative solutions to insure the experience of the close contact with the sea. Among these solutions the enormous cockpit, and the direct access to the sun deck in the bow of the boat from the specially designed door located in the middle of the windshield as well as the main deck designed around the command board that also hosts two set of stairs, right one, lead to three cabins each with its own bathroom the one on the left leads to the kitchen that is also accessible from the cabins. All the cabins, thanks to the many windows, are full of light and enjoy an unobtructed view of the outside. The cockpit can also count on a sliding roof window.

The master bedroom is in the middle of the boat in the point where the metaphor has its maximum width, wide windows a wardrobe cabin next to the en-suite bathroom complete the fitting.

The Vip cabin, located in the bow of the boat has king size bathroom with shower box wide windows and a big wardrobe

The guest cabin has two twin bed, a big wardrobe and shares the bathroom with the day toilette.

The metaphor 68 has two crew cabin  each with its bathroom accessible from the stern of the boat.

The  tender has its own garage in the stern . The interior  design is entirely based on contemporary style  with balck and white as dominant colors as well as polished ebony and black leather. Brushed details can be optional with matt white.

Metaphor 68
Metaphor 68