Metaphor 108

  • Client

    Alen Yacht

Speed, allure and eco-sustainability underpin the concept behind the new  Metaphor 108, penned by Victory Design for Alen Yacht.

The hull geometry means that it can confidently hit the 40-knot mark. A hybrid propulsion system (four endothememic engines and two electric motors coupled with four semi-submerged propeller screws)means it eats up the waves in complete silence and producing zero emissions. Needless to say, a yacht as cutting-edge as this demanded an energetic design.

The profiles are streamlined but there is also roundness there too, particularly in the sinuous grace of the windows. typically of the Metaphor series, the living/dining are features access through the centre of the windshield.

The interiors accomodate up to 10 guests.Polished ebony, forward with embossed black leather, satin-finish surfaces and high gloss optical white finishes feature in the interiors

Metaphor 108