Racing at speeds above that of a light aeroplane at take off and weighing around 500 Kg, the circuit catamarans are amongst the world’s most extreme marine vehicles. They are extremely difficult to design because their stability is fully driven by aerodynamic and hydrodynamic considerations. Excluding the lift and trim actions on the outboard motor, there are no other dynamic control systems such as tabs or stabilising appendages: the shape therefore needs to be intrinsically dynamically stable.

Experimental testifies the ‘hands on’ Research & Development work that we at Victory Design enjoy doing. The boat will however require some fine-tuning before she is competitive on the international scenario. To date we have already reached a new safety standard with the adoption of the fixed front screen.

The hull is built in carbon fibre and Nomex honeycomb, in female moulds with Epoxy resins. In 1999 Experimental has being campaigned as the second boat in the Formula 1 Team run by the world champion Scott Gillman and partly owned by the Offshore champion Laith Pharaon. Meanwhile, from the backstage, efficient as ever the expert Lino Di Biase is at work to develop a MK2 version.