Dart 436

Strong personality, original solutions, shocking performance and superb comfort: it might seem a lot, but for Giampaolo Aluigi, owner of the yard, it was not possible to do less.

That is how Dart 436 was born, a design that is already inspiring many competitors and where every single aspect of the design was carefully engineered by Victory Design, ranging from hull lines, structures and interiors to the special surface drive units.

DART 436

DART 666

The latest addition to the Dart family is bigger, faster and even more comfortable. If the 436 has shocked the competition and amused many new owners, the new 666 will establish paramount standards for the 60-footer market.

We have used the same recipe: the latest technology combined with deck comfort, style and expected high performances. An insight.

A dinghy plus a wetbike hidden in their own garages; a full beam owner’s cabin over six metres wide; two guest cabins with ensuite bathrooms; a below deck saloon of over 20 square metres; separate crew quarters; top speed above 45 knots; an electrically operated wheelhouse top and open spaces up to your greed of sea and sun.