Naval Architecture

We are fascinated by the hulls and propulsion, which we consider our sector of excellence. The hull is to the boat like the foundation of a house; serves to keep everything on its feet, but little is seen.

It is difficult to design efficient hulls that allow both to maintain high average speeds even in rough seas, in full comfort and safety, manoeuvrable in all conditions.

This field sees small investments in research hence small progress: the pioneers of hulls such as Ray Hunt and Sonny Levi are still the landmark of naval architecture.


Many of the boats we design have Victory Design hulls, and this has allowed us to gain a great experience on both monohulls and catamarans.

The continuous research on naval architecture has led us to design innovative hulls also thanks to the long and constant experience in the naval tank. Our hulls are very marine and have the ability to navigate easily even in rough seas.