Marine Engineering

Our approach

Here at Victory Design, we design engine rooms, engine installation, axle lines, systems, mechanical components, hinges, connecting rods, levers and above all the structural part of the boat, from calculating the loads to choosing materials and sizing. We provide both the technical drawings and the executive drawings to the shipyards.


A point of excellence is FEM calculation models, a finite element structural analysis method. When we analyze a model, we divide it into parts and – after assigning the materials – we “virtually” apply the loads and we see, through a specific software, the answers of the computer. These data allow us to constantly improve our projects and are at the forefront of the structural study not only in the naval sector but also in the aeronautical, automotive and military fields. All of them require sophisticated structural calculations.

Photo of a Yacht production

Some parts of the boats need studies that calculate the movement of components, so we calculate the kinematics and the structural aspect of these elements.