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Gozzo by Victory Design is European Powerboat of the Year 2018

Gozzo of Apreamare proclaimed “European Powerboat of the Year” at the Dusserdolf Show: this is the third time that a project of Victory Design has won the much sought-after award, considered as an Oscar for boating.

A very tough selection, in an extremely competitive market segment, that of motor boats up to 35 feet, which saw the revolutionary reinterpretation of the classic Gozzo Sorrentino in a modern key against industrial giants. And win!

This is the first time that Apreamare and its founder Cataldo Aprea, the father of modern planing gozzi, are awarded the prize; the over ten-year partnership with Brunello Acampora and his Studio, has generated a second revolution, transforming an intuition and a market need into a modern, elegant, functional and at the same time respectful of the historical genesis of the Sorrento boat.

Gozzo, created by Imbarcazioni d’Italia Spa, is an open vessel with a great livability of the external areas and which favors direct contact with the sea. But hides some small secrets, capable of adapting the characteristics to changing time and needs: an unexpected awning, to be kept open at all speeds, is hidden by the innovative electric windscreen that appears at the touch of a button. The dashboard is protected by an easily adjustable ‘eyelid’ which also acts as a wind deflector for the pilot. Then there is a large central locker, a real ‘hold’, able to accommodate large ‘water toys’, while an electric SeaBob finds space in a special sheltered seat on deck. The stern furniture easily transforms from a generous sundeck to a comfortable outdoor dinette for at least six people. Wide storage volumes make Gozzo suitable for boaters and fishing enthusiasts who can take on everything needed for any cruise or for the most demanding of fishing trips. Below deck another surprise, with a man-sized suite, two cabins, kitchen cabinet and a large bathroom – complete with a separate shower cabin: overnight on board becomes a joy, even for those who love to have every comfort.

In terms of performance, tradition has been respected and strengthened, without renouncing to technology: a hull capable of sailing very well in pure displacement even for long periods, with low consumption and impeccable seaworthiness like the true vintage gozzi, amazes Immediate entry into semi-planets with very low consumption, smooth, comfortable and dry navigation. Then when you want to pull out the sporty soul of Gozzo, just give the bottom to the handcuffs and the hull designed by Victory transforms the boat into a real planing speedboat that easily exceeds thirty knots with two diesel sterndrives, without losing its proverbial seaworthiness, nor a low fuel consumption.