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Brunello Acampora interviewed by Barche Magazine

Here is an extract from the interview with Brunello Acampora, founder of Victory Design studio, at Barche Magazine in February 2017.

Brunello Acampora talks about Total Design

[Barche Magazine]: How would you describe your work?
[Brunello Acampora]:
I try to design in a sensational and total way, leaving a mark. I can’t do the same thing twice, it doesn’t interest me, it irritates me.

[B.M.]: What inspires you?
[B.A.]:By a continuous searching of beauty and progress, by every creative Art, by the Italian Design, which, in my opinion, comes to mean the figure of Leonardo da Vinci.’

[B.M.]: Is your work influenced by any particular movement or person?
[B.A.]:My aesthetical training has been strongly influenced by Walter Albini, key man in the Italian haute fashion and a friend of my family. In the naval design world, besides Peter du Cane and James Beard, Paolo Caliari and Franco Harrauer, Renato “Sonny” Levi was my mentor, a brilliant man, who I deeply loved for his unique skill to marry beauty and function. I’m a fan of Elon Musk and, in wider terms of everyone who can innovate and create, without worrying about looking for trouble.

[B.M.]: Are there projects you’d like to work on that haven’t yet come your way?
[B.A.]: Many: an airplane, an airship, a submarine, a helicopter and a sailing boat less boring than the present ones. I’m not interested in cars- as a designer- but I’d like to design a very different super yacht, giving less to lushness and more to the life at sea.’

[B.M.]: Where do you think design is headed?
[B.A.]: ‘The improper use of the digital instruments is enlarging our background of formless shapes and geometric virtuosity without a valid concept. But this melting pot of different disciplines will be fruitful, moving us towards a great evolution.’

[B.M.]: What does your workshop or studio look like?
[B.A.]: Like a bright square, where we come together to talk, invent, arguing, laughing to create beautiful things and processes.’

[B.M.]: What do you envisage for the future of design?
[B.A.]: ‘In wider terms, the future will be wonderful: Fidel Castro said that we must not be pessimistic and I think he was right. The Design will tell fewer lies making fewer promises.’